In my childhood I felt very much connected with nature and studied every aspect of it. For me, as a young boy, the question of ‘why’ already existed. I had a great hunger to know everything and to sift through information.

I started going through literature and popular science books for more information and found it there too. I slowly gained more and more knowledge and understanding of life itself.

At the same time, my creativity was also developing and this was reflected in my short stories, drawings and the making of sculptures in clay. It was an outlet for all the knowledge that I was accumulating.

As I grew older, around the age of 18, my interests grew towards Gustav Jung, Teilhard de Chardin and other famous philosophers. I devoured their works, so that my hunger for the essence of life became more and more satisfied.

From this knowledge, I developed the artist in myself, in combination with a strong social conscience. In the 80’s there was a deepening of my inner self, which returned in the 90’s. I applied this in my coaching practise for small businesses and individuals.

Based on this social consciousness, the idea was born to realize this insight within a structured plan. After years of research of different cultures, a concrete plan was born, the All Global Movement Project.

I designed 12 centres, buildings and gardens for 12 different countries, each with its own cultural and social background.

”Art and Architecture to me, are inextricably linked together.”

Pieter Kortekaas

Pieter Kortekaas

All knowledge manifested itself naturally. I designed the buildings listening to the music of Schubert, which provided me with my focus.

Through interviews with several entrepreneurs, Nyenrode emerged as an excellent launching platform for the All Global Movement Project.

The philosophy that stands for Nyenrode, Head-Hands-Heart and the trinity of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship, integrates seamlessly with the spirit of All Global Movement.

Pieter Kortekaas