Create a basis for new leadership and entrepreneurship by developing a deeper consciousness at leaders and future leaders, in order to better recognize and utilize one’s own talent and potential as a leader and entrepreneur achieving one’s mission in life. This way, the quality of life and work in relation to all it’s social connections will improve significantly by enhancing efficient and sustainable cooperation on an individual and a global level.

The sacred path


Facilitate a platform for (international) corporations, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, government bodies and inspiring individuals to realize an integrated educational program for conscious leadership and entrepreneurship.


Realize an incubator at Nyenrode Business University for an integrated educational program for conscious leadership and entrepreneurship. This initiative being used as a launching platform for the creation of 12 unique global centers of excellence together with international and local stake holders as the driving force behind social and economic change.


Facilitate international co-operation between corporations, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, government bodies and inspiring individuals in the creation of an integrated educational program.