Pieter Kortekaas

Pieter Kortekaas

Pieter Kortekaas
Sculptor and Designer

Founder and architect
of All Global Movement Project

Since 1970 fulltime professional sculptor and designer. Became known in the seventies with the introduction of “functional art” in residential areas and shopping centers. Brightly colored animal sculptures to trigger the fantasy and made out of polyester, a new material at that time.

Since1980 Pieter is working in bronze in which always the human being in it’s essence are the central theme.

Starting in the early nineties, Pieter also works as personal coach, out of which the idea was born to realize the All Global Movement Project.

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Peter Japenga

Peter Japenga

Peter Japenga

As an architect involved in the further development of the buildings of Project All, Global Movement.

Since the late 80s active in architecture since 1998 as an architect.

From 2008 partner Arceau Architects from Uden, an agency with projects in public utilities and housing.

Does the quest for a deeper awareness and supports his architectural knowledge with Project All, Global Movement.

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