Nyenrode is proud to be associated with the All Global Movement project. Because, faithful to the mission it received in 1946, Nyenrode still explicitly interconnects business and academe. Nyenrode is By Business, For Business and is – though fully state accredited – truly autonomous: legally, financially, morally.

Because our values are reflected in the Nyenrode trinity of Leadership-Entrepreneurship-Stewardship. Through this trinity business and enterprise can be a force for the good. These values are at the core of Nyenrode’s educational philosophy of Head-Hands-Heart: Knowledge and analytical skills need to be linked to action, experiential learning, a focus on results, solutions, impact; and most importantly: they need to be underpinned by personal passion, inner strength, trust in gut-feeling, solidarity and team focus thus contextual intelligence.

From its foundation Nyenrode has been an explicitly international institution and we want Nyenrodians to be in essence global citizens. In the university’s original name (NOIB) the B stood for Abroad, because our founders understood that globalization would be the defining feature of economic success. Contrary to popular believe, Arts and Academe are birds of a feather, driven by curiosity, innovation, creativity, challenge of convention, a desire for beautiful solutions, All-Global Movement integrates Art, Academe and Business.

Prof. dr. Maurits Van Rooijen

Prof. dr. Maurits Van Rooijen

In my perception, Nyenrode and All- Global Movement are two of a kind: All-Global Movement can be experienced as an artistic dimension to the Nyenrode values (the trinity of LES) and educational philosophy of Head-Hands-Heart and subsequently makes the connection between personal strength and global context. All-Global Movement, in summary, I personally interpret as an artistic impression and -as we hope in the near future – tangible reflection of those values, believes and insights that also have made Nyenrode unique in the world.

I invite you to be seduced here by the powerful vision of Pieter Kortekaas. Let there be no room for doubt : his dream will come true.

Maurits van Rooijen