Courses: will be based on latest and most innovative methods from leading institutions and inspiring individuals. Based on inspiration from:

  • The Arts
  • Nature
  • The great Philosophers and Leaders
  • Case examples New Leadership
  • Renowned quest speakers
  • 21st century entrepreneurship
  • Change masters
  • Personal experience

By making use of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation (yoga)
  • Magic visioning
  • Geometry
  • Sensing
  • Speaking from the heart
  • Team dynamics and protocols
  • Generative dialogue
  • Energy and drive
  • Life stories

Integrated leadership program

Integrated leadership program

Offering a new dimension in the education and training of future leaders and entrepreneurs. Courses, workshops and training to students, corporations and individual groups.

The energy of comprehension and imaging

Creation of a platform for specific education targeting the enhancement of consciousness of one self and the world around facilitating a broader perspective of one’s own reality. A discovery of one’s own mission in life and potential, where one learns how to deal with, and develop one’s talents, adding large value for private- and business life. Dealing in a more easy way with on self and fellow man.

Learning to create moments of deep rest and insight during one’s work, which increases the capacity and makes a more efficient use of the available work time possible. Creating a personal incubator for creative solutions and innovation at personal and organizational level, applying these and contributing to a prosperous and sustainable society.

During the program training and residing in a harmonious, quiet and sacred environment with silence areas harmonizing the state of mind and greatly improving the receptiveness.