“The illusion rests in the psyche. In the soul rests the reality of the illusion” – Pieter Kortekaas
Princess Máxima receives All Global Movement Project book from Pieter Kortekaas.
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the sacred gift” – Albert Einstein
The All Global Movement is coöperating with Nyenrode Business University
What is AGM?

All Global Movement is an internationally operating not for profit foundation. It will coordinate and structure on a continuing and evolutionry basis, the unique contents of a comprehensive package

For whom is AGM?

All Global Movement is recommended for Students – CEO – Managers – Directors etc.


Create a basis for new leadership and entrepreneurship by developing a deeper consciousness at leaders and future leaders, in order to better recognize and utilize one’s own

Cooperation Nyenrode

Nyenrode is proud to be associated with the All Global Movement project. Because, faithful to the mission it received in 1946, Nyenrode still explicitly interconnects business

Latest news

<img <a href=&;www.bychantal.coms://”>click“alignright size-medium wp-image-482″ alt=”Pieter Kortekaas” src=”×300.jpg” width=”150″ height=”200″ />In de weekenden van Zaterdag en Zondag 13 en 14 april en Zaterdag en Zondag 20

<img <a href="”>“alignright size-full wp-image-472” alt=”Erfgooiers club” src=”” width=”181″ height=”104″ />2 april a.s. staat de Erfgooiers Business Club in het teken van Kunst en bezieling. Pieter